Celis|Official Site
Celis is an independent hip hop artist from North Carolina.  Much is unknown about him at this time but those who have heard his music commend him for his word play and lyrical ability.  As far as originality is concerned, Celis considers himself unique as he is not one who follows trends or what is deemed currently popular.  Avoiding commercialized styled raps of today, Celis’ style is more reminiscent of those from the late 90s as he focuses more on lyrical content rather than cliché “swag” styled raps.  His style is a diverse one with topics ranging from braggadocious, comedy, women, as well as relatable lyrics about everyday life.
Celis was first introduced to music as a child by his father who was a DJ and record promoter in the late 70s through the 80s.  Here is where he found a love and passion for music that would carry him for the rest of his life.  Although he has always been musically inclined, Celis did not decide to become serious about pursuing music until early 2012.  What Celis lacks in experience he makes up with in hard work and dedication to his craft.  There are many rappers out there, but what separates Celis from others is his versatility and his drive to become better every day. If you’re looking to hear something new and refreshing Celis offers that and much more.